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Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


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About Us

NorthWestern ltd. was founded in Oxford, United Kingdom by an Oxford-educated engineer/graphic designer and a skilled Italian Fashion Designer, painter and drawing artist. Robert Popa and Ingrid Craciun

The company is gathering momentum and is already creating high quality tabletop games available on Kickstarter as main release. Signup for our newsletter or follow us on kickstarter to be up to date with our games.

What we do

Concept Creation

We research and inspire to design the best tabletop/board games.

Research the market

We analize the demand to see how the games can potentially impact the market.


NorthWestern only creates the best visually appealing artworks, both 3D sculpted and 2D graphics to represent the games.


We promote our games initially on crowd funding platforms to kickstart the projects.